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Personal Training

Everyone can benefit from a session with one of our highly qualified trainers. If you’re just looking for a new program design, one of our trainers will customize an exercise program based entirely on your fitness needs and time constraints. If you want more help, multiple sessions provide motivation and on-going feedback, continually assessing your strength, endurance and flexibility – in essence improving the effectiveness of your workouts. No matter what your needs and goals, personal trainers can provide you with a safe, informative and results-oriented environment in which to exercise.


Our trainers are amongst the most qualified in Calgary. Every personal trainer possesses a university degree in Kinesiology, Physical Activity or similar field, plus holds national and internationally recognized post-graduate certifications in exercise prescription and testing.


To book an appointment with a trainer, or to get more information, call the Fitness Desk at Bow Valley Square Fitness Centre or talk directly to one of our qualified staff. Our trainers are available to you as a fee based service.

One-on-One Training – 1 hour/session

Each one-hour session is a one-on-one training appointment, with the trainer instructing and motivating you to maximize your results.


Have one of our knowledgeable and experienced trainers take you through a fun and challenging workout. Experience increased motivation, self-confidence, energy, and personal attention on an on-going basis.


Program Design (60 – 90 min) - 1 Session – $162.00 + GST


Individual Training (60 min)

1 Session Package - $84.00 + GST

5 Session Package - $392.00 + GST

10 Session Package - $739.00 + GST

20 Session Package - $1,417.00 + GST


Express Training (30 minutes)

Are your daily demands making finding time to workout difficult? Maximize your time in the gym by hiring a trainer for 30 minutes at a time. These express one-on-one sessions may be just what you need to find that work/life balance.

5 Session Package - $252.00 + GST

10 Session Package - $459.00 + GST

20 Session Package - $885.00 + GST


Pair Training

Increase results and decrease the cost per person with pair training. Working out with a friend or co-worker might be just what you need to stay motivated and find more enjoyment in exercise.


5 Session Package - $599.00 + GST

10 Session Package - $1,098.00 + GST

Meet the Trainers

Meet our exceptional team of personal trainers:
Jason Wong, Stephanie Davies and Brenda Keller

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